The Real Estate Department

Building Projects

The Lipa Meir & Co. Real Estate Department represents Israel's leading construction companies and developers in real estate projects throughout the country, be they residential, office, commercial or industrial.  
The department's expertise encompasses both private sector and public-private real estate endeavors. This comprises negotiations between private and corporate entities pertaining to land acquisitions, as well as entering into development and lease agreements with the Israel Land Authority or the Ministry of Construction in projects by virtue of tenders. The department handles the entire planning side of the project, including planning proceedings, and orchestrates the contractual array between all parties to the project, including the developer, consultants, contractors and suppliers.  
In addition, the department is highly experienced in dealing with project finance agreements, having worked extensively with all major banks in Israel throughout many years. It also handles contracts with purchasers, taxation matters vis-à-vis the tax authorities, registration of purchasers' rights and of cooperative houses. Advising in these colossal projects also embraces management of the legal rights until they are registered at the Land Registry. 

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